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Elite Tactical Force Limited is committed to empowering young individuals from all communities and backgrounds through its visionary initiative, 'Project Dreams.' This comprehensive program aims to equip them with essential social skills and provide pathways to careers in self-employment or employment within various fields such as Football, Music, Dance, Clothing Brand Creation, Product Development, other sports, and diverse trade skills. This initiative spans across the United Kingdom, igniting passion and channeling it into career-driven roles that elevate social values and stimulate economic growth.

Our mission extends to supporting survivors of abuse and vulnerable individuals, working diligently to combat anti-social behaviors, tackle gang violence, and reduce drug-related crimes, ultimately contributing to a significant drop in crime rates nationwide. To ensure transparency and celebrate the progress of those involved, we leverage platforms like YouTube and TikTok, showcasing the development of our participants.


Elite Tactical Force Limited's Project Dreams comprises three distinct programs:

  1. Future Personal Development (FPD): Tailored for youths aged 11 to 16 years old, FPD focuses on nurturing their personal growth, instilling essential life skills, and fostering a sense of responsibility.

  2. Career Driven Roles (CDR): Designed for individuals aged 16 and above, CDR provides a structured pathway towards careers in various fields, emphasizing skill development and job placement, whether in self-employment or within established organizations.

  3. Rehabilitation Probational Learning (RPL): Catering to ex-offenders, RPL offers a structured and closely monitored environment with strict rules. Its primary goal is to prevent re-offending, redirect potential offenders, and help individuals avoid becoming victims of criminal activities.

These programs are strategically crafted to break the cycle of re-offending, prevent potential criminal activity, and protect vulnerable individuals from falling victim to crimes. At Elite Tactical Force Limited, we firmly believe that opportunities are not handed out; they are created. Our commitment to this vision is unwavering as we work in collaboration with professionals from various fields, including police officers, mental health workers, safeguarding officers, security guards, and training providers, to gain the trust and support of the public.

Join us in shaping a brighter future for the youth of all backgrounds, fostering social responsibility, and boosting the economy. "Opportunities Don't Happen, You Create Them!!!"

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