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Become a E.T.F.A-Approved Centre

Welcome to Education.Training.Facility.Assessments (E.T.F.A)

At E.T.F.A, our commitment is to excellence in education, training, and assessments. We strive to be a newest organization in offering qualifications across diverse industries, maintaining high standards and exceptional support for our approved centres.

Why Choose E.T.F.A?

E.T.F.A stands out as a newest and premier organization for work-based learning qualifications. (We are on going the application of Ofqual Recognition & ISO/IEC 17024)


Benefits of Joining E.T.F.A

By applying with E.T.F.A, Centres gain access to a host of unparalleled benefits:

  • Dedicated Support: Enjoy the assistance of a dedicated account manager ensuring seamless operations.

  • Responsive Service: Expect swift and human responses for all queries within a short turnaround time.

  • Efficient Certification: Certificates are processed promptly, maintaining efficiency in operations.

  • Cutting-edge Technology: Access Empowering U System and ongoing technological advancements for streamlined processes. (Coming Soon!!)

  • Comprehensive Support: Count on our knowledgeable staff for guidance, continuous business development support.


How much does it cost to join E.T.F.A?

Embarking on the journey with E.T.F.A - Education.Training.Facility.Assessments is an investment in quality education and training. Here's a breakdown of our costs:

  1. One-off Registration Fee: £790 plus VAT

    • To become an E.T.F.A-approved centre, there is a one-time registration fee of £790 plus VAT. This provides you access to our robust framework and support systems.

    • Other Fees click Here!

Joining E.T.F.A

Becoming an E.T.F.A-approved centre involves a straightforward process:

  1. Application: Fill the online application form to initiate the centre approval process.

  2. Support: Benefit from an assigned account manager guiding you through the approval steps.

  3. Policy Requirements: Submit essential policies demonstrating compliance with quality assurance, feedback, complaints, appeals, and more.

  4. Declaration & Details: Complete necessary declarations, provide tutor details, and adhere to the Centre Code of Conduct Agreement.

  5. Review & Approval: Expect acknowledgment of your application within one working day. Following a review, your approval could be confirmed promptly.


Required Documentation

For your application, prepare copies of critical documentation, including:

  • Quality assurance policy

  • Organization chart

  • Policies on malpractice, maladministration, feedback, complaints, appeals, equality, and diversity

  • Health and safety policy


Application Process

Ensure all compulsory fields are accurately completed, including company details, contact information, and referral sources. Review the instructions carefully and confirm your understanding before proceeding with the application.

E.T.F.A Approved Centre E-Form

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How did you first hear about E.T.F.A Qualifications

Important Note

E.T.F.A upholds strict quality standards. Please note that once the application is submitted, £790 administrative fees are non-refundable.

Approval with E.T.F.A signifies a commitment to delivering exceptional educational and training standards.

To embark on this journey with E.T.F.A, begin your application process today!

Thanks for registering to be an Approved Centre with E.T.F.A. See you there!

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