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Elite Tactical Force
Annual Leave Policy

Elite Tactical Force aims to be an organization that values, recognizes and responds to the diverse needs of members and those we serve. We adhere to the Equality Act 2010 and will not discriminate against any person or other organization with particular reference to any of the protected characteristics.

Purpose and scope

Elite Tactical Force is committed to the health and wellbeing of all of its employees. This policy sets out annual leave entitlement and the procedure to be followed to request annual leave.

This policy is for guidance only, does not form part of employees’ terms and conditions of employment and is therefore not contractually binding, although employees are expected to abide by it. Elite Tactical Force reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time.

Leave entitlement

2.1 Elite Tactical Force annual leave year runs from 1st April to 31st March,

2.2 All full-time employees are entitled to annual leave according to the level of the post and the number of years' service with the organization, as follows:

For part-time staff annual leave is pro-rotated

2.3 These annual leave days are in addition to the 8 public holidays.


2.4 Employees starting or leaving employment during the leave year are entitled to annual leave proportionate to the number of completed months' service.


2.5 Employees are not expected to take any leave within the first two months of service unless agreed with the Chief Executive prior to appointment. Such leave will however accrue in the normal way, and employees will be entitled to take such accrued leave in accordance with the terms of this policy after completing two months’ service.


There is no entitlement to unpaid leave. Requests for unpaid leave will be considered by the Chief Executive. If unpaid leave is taken when permission has been refused employees will be subject to disciplinary action.

Part-time employees are entitled to paid annual leave and public holiday’s pro-rata to the rates for full time employees. All other details as above apply. Annual leave entitlement for part-time employees should be calculated using the tool at Attachment 2.

Requesting annual leave

All annual leave must be pre-requested and agreed with your Line Manager using the form at Attachment 1. This agreement is to be obtained before employees commit themselves to holiday bookings or any other arrangements. Although annual leave is an entitlement it cannot be presumed that it may be taken at any time. Line managers will make every effort to comply with leave requests, but must take into consideration the needs of the department or the organisation as a whole. This applies particularly at busy times or over popular holiday periods. Please do not make holiday bookings before you have had your leave approved.


Requests for leave of more than one day should be made well in advance (at least 28 days) of the date of the leave. (In exceptional circumstances this may be waived by the Line Manager.) Any leave requesting three consecutive weeks or greater has to be approved by the CEO.


Leave will not be granted in retrospect.

With the express written consent of your Line Manager you may be permitted to carry up to 5 days pro-rata of unused leave entitlement into the following leave year. You will not be entitled to payment for any unused leave entitlement at the end of the leave year or at any time other than upon termination of your employment, in accordance with section 4 below.

Treatment of leavers

Employees leaving the organisation are entitled to be paid for any untaken leave that has been accrued, but not taken, for each complete month of service during the leave year. Where this occurs, you will be paid a day’s pay for each day of any accrued leave as part of your final payment, less any deductions required by law. You will not be entitled to pay in lieu for any other untaken leave unless prior approval has been given by the Chief Executive. Any leave taken in excess of the pro-rata entitlement will be recovered from any final payments due to you.


Note that Elite Tactical Force reserves the right to require employees to take any accrued outstanding leave as part of their notice period prior to the termination of employment, whether such notice has been given by the employee or Elite Tactical Force.

Monitoring and review

The senior management team, with adequate consultation of the Board of Trustees, will regularly review the operation of this policy.


This policy has been approved and authorized by the Trustees of Elite Tactical Force:




Position: CEO of Elite Tactical Force Limited


Date: 11/01/2023

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