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E.T.F.A Fees

Centre Fees:

  • Annual Spending Threshold: £1,000 (Calendar year: January 1 - December 31)

    • Centres Spending Less than £1,000 Annually: Subject to an Annual Fee of £200 (+VAT)

    • Centres Spending Over £1,000 Annually: Exempt from the Fee

    • Applies to New Centres from the First Full Calendar Year of Approval

Application Fees:

  • E.T.F.A - Education.Training.Facility.Assessments Centre Application Fee (UK and Republic of Ireland): £790.00

  • Overseas Centre Application Fee: Contact

  • UK Approval Visit Fee (Subject-specific): £300.00

  • Overseas Approval Visit Fee (Subject-specific): Price on Application

Materials and Services Fees:

  • Core Manual: £10.00

  • Qualification Registration: £20.00

  • E.T.F.A - Education.Training.Facility.Assessments Approved Centre Plaque: £30.00

  • Replacement Certificate: Contact E.T.F.A - Education.Training.Facility.Assessments

Enquiries on Results and Appeals Fees:



  • Manual Re-marking of Candidate Answer Sheet (multiple-choice): £20.00

  • Manual Re-marking of Candidate Answer Booklet (short written): £35.00


  • Appeals: £250.00

Joint Branded Certificates Fees:

  • Setup Fee: £20.00

  • Setup Fee (with purchase of 150 or more examination papers): FREE of charge

  • Fee per Certificate: FREE of charge

Postage and Packaging Fees:


Ordinary Post (UK only):

  • Order up to £20: £4.00* (Price inclusive of VAT)

  • Over £20: £7.00* (Price inclusive of VAT)

  • FREE of charge if order over £100

Next Day Delivery (UK only):

  • Next Day Delivery: £4.00 incl VAT*

    • *Usually delivered the next working day if ordered before 1pm.

Saturday Delivery (UK only):

  • Saturday Delivery: £18.00*

    • *Usually delivered the next Saturday if ordered before 1pm.

  • *Separate delivery charges apply to overseas orders. Request a quotation from E.T.F.A - Education.Training.Facility.Assessments for these orders.

Quality Support Fee:

  • E.T.F.A Visit Fee - Quality Support: £300.00

E.T.F.A - Empowering U System Fee: (Coming Soon!)

  • E.T.F.A - Empowering U System Licence Fee: £500.00 per year

  • E.T.F.A -  Empowering U System (Hardware: Tablets, QAMS: Quality Assurance Monitor System and Projector) Rental Fee: TBA


Let's Work Together

At E.T.F.A - Education.Training.Facility.Assessments a Department of Elite Tactical Force Limited, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our ethos centres around partnering with you to achieve mutual success and create impactful outcomes.

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