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Our (E.T.F.A) Education Training Facilities Assessment

specialist qualification is aimed at making the UK and International Market. We'll help you become your a E.T.F.A centre.


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How much does it cost? 
We charge a one-off registration fee of £250 plus VAT to become a E.T.F.A-approved centre.

Depending on the qualifications you intend to offer (such as Specialist Qualifications or International Specialist Qualifications), a visit by E.T.F.A personnel may be required at a cost of £200 - £300 plus VAT. Depending on the type of Qualifications.

E.T.F.A Qualifications Types


  • E.T.F.A SQ (E.T.F.A Specialist Qualifications)

  • E.T.F.A ISQ (E.T.F.A International Specialist Qualifications)

Approval for the delivery of functional skills, personal development, and education and training require a support interview from our team (this is a free service).

How to become a
E.T.F.A-approved centre

Fill in the online application form

  1. You'll then receive a username and password to complete the centre approval

  2. We'll assign you an account manager to help with the rest of your application

  3. Provide a short paragraph or upload your policies to show how you meet the criteria

  4. Sign and return the centre declaration

  5. Provide details of your nominated tutors

  6. Read the Centre Code of Conduct Agreement and return it to us

  7. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within one working day

  8. Your application will be reviewed and, all being well, could be accepted within 7 working days


E.T.F.A Centre Fee

  • UK and Republic of Ireland Centre Application Fee:

       (FREE UNTIL 1ST APRIL 2022) £200

  • Overseas Centre Application Fee: CONTACT FOR INFO

  • UK Approval Fee (As required, subject specific): £200

  • Overseas Approval Visit Fee (As required, subject specific): Price on Application

  • Core Manual: £10

  • Qualification Registration: Free When Approved Centre/ £10 Each Qualifications

  • E.T.F.A Approved Centre Plaque: £20

  • Replacement Certificate: £10

Enquiries on Results and Appeals


  • Manual Re-marking of Candidate Answer Sheet (multiple-choice): £5.00

  • Manual Re-marking of Candidate Answer Booklet (short written): £15.00


  • Appeals: £190.00

Joint Branded Certificates

  • Setup Fee: £5.00

  • Setup Fee (with purchase of 50 or more examination papers): FREE of charge

  • Fee per Certificate: FREE of charge

& quality support

Postage and Packaging

  • Ordinary Post (UK only): FREE of charge

  • Express delivery within 48 hours of examination: £8.00

Quality Support

  • E.T.F.A Visit Fee - Quality Support: £250.00

create a Qualification

Create your own Qualification with E.T.F.A Specialist Qualification Today contact us for more information Via Email:


What policies are required for my application?

You'll need to send us copies of the following documentation for us to process your application:

• quality assurance policy

• organization chart

• malpractice and maladministration policy

• feedback form

• complaints policy

• appeals policy

• equality and diversity policy

• health and safety policy

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If you're considering applying, you will need to pass various safeguarding checks. We carry out our checks via the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and The Mental Health Department. This allows us to ensure that all operators are suitable to take the tasks ahead of any project or contract.


One imperative task that Elite Tactical Force Ltd manages is risk assessment. We conduct these to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients is protected. Following completion, we can ensure that the most suitable operatives are put forward, with the greatest experience of risk assessment laws and regulations.

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Security Guard


Given the nature of some of the jobs that Elite Tactical Force Ltd is chosen for, we need to ensure that all contracts are handled with care. We work towards the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality, preventing risk to our security functions.


Speak with Elite Tactical Force Ltd to learn how we can help you get underway. Call our mobile or landline or complete our online contact form to connect with us.


Registration to become E.T.F.A Centre

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.
You may be asked for further information during this process!!


* If your application is unsuccessful or you choose to withdraw your application, Elite Tactical Force, E.T.F.A Department cannot issue a refund. Elite Tactical Force conducts several quality assurance checks on applications; these checks are reviewed continually to maintain our high-quality standards. The application fee covers the administrative costs and processes behind all applications. E.T.F.A Department may decline an application for approval at its absolute discretion. Please note that, until an application is approved by Elite Tactical Force, E.T.F.A Department in writing, no contract comes into existence. By submitting an application form and accompanying fee, you are deemed to have accepted the conditions set out in this paragraph.